My work.

TAPS Magazine, "Tradition vs Innovation: Craft Beer in Kyoto" July 2014.
A travel column story comparing the traditions of Japanese craftsmanship and craft beer in Kyoto, for a Canadian beer enthusiast print magazine. 
In Kyoto, tradition runs strong and true. This is beautiful to witness in the historic buildings and colorful arts, but it may be holding back innovation in the new craft of beer. 

TAPS Magazine, "On the Rocks: The Beer Cultures of Vietnam" May 2014.
A feature story examining the differing beer cultures of North and South Vietnam, for a Canadian beer enthusiast print magazine. 
In the North, people drink 'bia hoi' -- literally, "gassed beer," a cheap, weak, state-produced lager -- in vast, tarpaulin-covered outdoor beer stalls. In the South, people are flocking to Czech and German clone breweries to savor quality reproductions of classic European beers. Is there a middle ground to be found?  

TAPS Magazine, "Baltic Beer: 3 Girls, 2 Countries, 1 Mission" February 2014.
The magazine cover story about a women's beer-tasting road trip in Lithuania and Estonia for a Canadian beer enthusiast print magazine.

Here’s some good news for beer: a previously-overlooked corner of the world is reviving old traditions and developing new ones. Estonia and Lithuania, the former Eastern Bloc countries south of Finland and west of Russia, have thrown back the Iron Curtain that once cast their beer culture into the shadows and are now allowing us to have a taste.

Adventure Cycling, "The Great Five Borough Bike Tour" June 2005.
A feature story about my family memoirs of bicycling the Great Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City for a national bicycle touring print magazine.

I was driving down a rural Montana road when the news report first crackled through that New York’s World Trade Center twin towers had fallen. As I tried to envision the the ensuing mayhem that must be going on, my mind was flooded with memories of my times in New York City: subway rides, shopping in the Village, the wonder I felt looking up at those tall buildings, and what had become our family tradition for several years, riding in Bike New York: The Great Five Borough Bike Tour. To me, the city and the tour are inseparable.

1859 Magazine, "Windfall or Windbag?" January 2011
Wrote a point-counterpoint column on the merits of wind energy for an Oregon lifestyle print magazine.
At the end of the day, this is about responsibly sited, clean, renewable, American-made energy in Oregon, together with desperately needed jobs, income for landowners, taxes and spending. Now that’s a win-win-wind.

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm Strategic Investment Program (SIP) Press Release, October 2010
Negotiated a multi-million dollar agreement on a tax program between Antelope Ridge Wind Farm, Union County, and the City of Union and subsequently wrote the press release. 

Over the 15-year term of the SIP, tax and fee revenue generated by the proposed 300 MW project will infuse more than $40 million into Union County. 

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm Application for Site Certificate, 2009-2011
Wrote and edited a 2,000+ page permitting application for a 300 megawatt wind farm, managing a team of dozens of experts and support staff, and submitting it to the government agency on-time with the company's deadline.

Applicant proposes to develop, construct and operate the Facility in Union County, Oregon, with a generating capacity of up to 300 MW using up to 164 turbines. The Facility will be located on private and state land in Union County, approximately 10 miles southeast of La Grande, Oregon.

Garnet Ghost Town Grant Application Narrative, Spring 2003
Wrote a winning grant application to the National Endowment for the Humanities, earning the Garnet Preservation Association a $120,000 matched endowment fund. 

Nestled among the dark conifers of the Garnet Range, the gray, weathered wood buildings of Garnet Ghost Town appear stark in contrast. The creaky old buildings are a reminder that what appears to be a quiet, peaceful spot was once a bustling town of over 1,000 residents, a tiny metropolis seemingly in the middle of nowhere.